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Founder's comments


Executive Chairman / Founder

The Makola Institute has been set up to provide free basic management and technological skills and low-cost consultancy services to large numbers of market place business operators. These services and training programs will be provided both in English and in our local languages throughout Ghana.

In addition, the Institute seeks to transfer business survival and growth principles from the market place to corporate institutions, schools and religious groups.

We use the name “Makola” as a metaphor, symbolic of market places all over Ghana and Africa.

Multiple knowledge divides, (e.g. technological, linguistic, economic etc.) exist between market place business operators and its wider societal stakeholders. As depicted in our motto, The Makola Institute seeks to facilitate the bridging of these multiple knowledge divides.

As we launch this all-important Institute, we are fortunate and proud to have an excellent Board in place. We also have a well–balanced team of key staff, spearheaded by Mrs. Comfort Oduro-Nyarko, the CEO.

Comfort, a trader at the Makola and Kaneshie markets, overcame major obstacles and hurdles. She went back to school and obtained her bachelor and graduate degrees in accounting, information systems and finance. As the CEO of the Makola Institute, Mrs. Oduro-Nyarko is fulfilling her life goal of giving back cutting-edge business and technological skills to the "always busy" market place business operators, to enable them enhance their operations.

Makola Institute is also blessed to have as key members of our staff, Mr. Daniel Boateng Ansong, an exceptional Chartered Accountant with long years of experience and Mr. Kwabena Antwi-Boasiako who graduated from the Yale University in the U.S.A, and has extensive IT-related work and project experiences.

In conclusion, the Makola Institute has come to stay and I urge all to contribute through knowledge-sharing, financial and prayerful support in order to help realize the Institute’s principal objective of improving upon the operational efficiencies within the market places and thus provide assistance for national and community development.

Thank you and God bless.